Get involved!

The team of Pilots and engineering staff want to share their passion for the aircraft they preserve and operate at either private displays or airshows across the UK.
Full group 8 s

Here are some suggestions if you want to be involved with the trust.

Become a trustee. The current team are always keen to share their enthusiasm with people who wish to add to their range of skills and who would like to fly these wonderful fast jets. Monthly subscriptions help keep the team flying.

Become a volunteer or engineering apprentice. There is always something to do to keep the aircraft flying.

Book the team for your own private “fly by” display. You can book a display for special private events such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Have the fun of one or a formation of Gnats perform especially for you. Just ask for a quote. Your money will help us keep these fantastic aircraft flying!

Training for Pilots. If you are looking for fast jet training or jet aerobatic training as part of your advanced flying repertoire, this can also be arranged through the Charity.

For any of these opportunities please contact Oliver Wheeldon:
+44 7880 506 144

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